Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bunny Ears: Hottest Fall Trend?

At first I thought it was a joke. When Madonna showed up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala in New York this May wearing a costume that looked straight out of Donnie Darko, I was sure it was just Madonna being Madonna. There is no way that she put on turquoise bunny ears with the intention of looking fashionable. Turns out, I was dead wrong. She was partiaking in a trend that is taking over fall collections. Not only was her get-up a Louis Vuitton creation, but it was designed by Marc Jacobs and unfortunetly, he's not the only one hare-obsessed this season. Moschino's Cheap and Chic collection this fall features a ridiculous pink felt hat. Now, everytime I open a fashion magazine, I see a LV ad that features those terrible pinnae. Also, Lady Gaga (who is one of my fashion icons) was recently spotted with a lace bunny ear headpiece to accent her Alexander McQueen wool dress. Gaga can literally pull off anything, and although her choice of bunny ears is more subtle, they still look, for lack of a better word, stupid. I really don't understand the appeal of it. I don't think it's avant-garde, I don't think it's artsy, I think it's flat-out hideous and I don't care how trendy it would make me look, you're never gonna see me with animal ears.

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen

Louis Vuitton Fall 2009

Moschino Cheap and Chic Fall 2009

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  1. These freaking bunny ears. Seriously. I've been very annoyed by them lately as well...

    BUT I'm sitting here reading an article in September's Vogue that offers the closest thing to a legit explanation for this trend that I've heard related to the economic downturn. Allow me to quote directly, "It's a passion for artifice that captures something of the dress-up-and-be-damned spirit of prewar thirties surrealism, the irrational, funny glamour of Elsa Schiaparelli- which is why pairs of gloves could end up on heads at Dolce & Gabbana this fall."

    Reading this has led me to 2 conclusions:
    1. The core part of me that appreciates irony in all its forms is really warming up to those bunny ears.
    2. Compliments of wikipedia, Elsa Schiaparelli might be one of my new heroes.