Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chanel: 2009 Fall Couture

Chanel: Spring 2009 Haute Couture

So I'm just gonna say it. I've never been a huge fan of Chanel. I know I probably just upset the Fashion Gods, but I truly feel as though they've had the same old-lady suit look for years. When Karl Lagerfeld took over in 1983, he supposedly made the line edgier by shortening the hems and adding more color but everytime I see a new collection, I keep seeing the same uninspiring look. I'm thinking it may just be that Chanel is too classy, mature and put together for me and I prefer more of the color-outside-the-lines approach to fashion.

Whatever the reason, I haven't been too impressed with anything Lagerfeld has put out recently (ok, except for the spring 2009 haute couture all-white collection -see photo above post- which had a unique take on using paper origami as hair accessories) until I saw his 2009 Fall Couture collection. Of course there was a string of stuffy suits, but there were 1 or 2 pieces that really stood out to me as something totally different than what I expect from Karl. Although, I'm not a fan of all the unnecessary layering and awkward hems that were short in the front and long in the back (way too reminiscent of a mullet for me) I still really loved 2 of the sequined frocks. There was color, texture, and dare I say, some edge to the dresses. Sort of had a peacock-inspired look, which has been echoed in many collections this season, without being too obviously feather-like. Karl, you completely caught me off gaurd with these 2 pieces.

Boring Chanel Suits

Sequined Dresses

Mullet Dresses

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  1. LOL at the mullet dresses. i was thinking more, "ashamed/at rest peacock" look - no reference to kris - because it's kind of the way peacocks have their feathers before they show them off.