Monday, July 13, 2009

Dior Rings

Growing up in San Antonio, I remember first learning about Dia De Los Muertos in the 6th grade in Spanish class and saw for the first time skulls, "calaveras", being portrayed as a festive decoration and not merely as a morbid object. I kinda thought skulls were pretty neat until Avril Lavigne and the whole pseudo-punk/i-bought-it-at-hot-topic craze destroyed my appreciation for them. I pretty much wrote skulls off as a tacky punk trend until last night. I was flipping through Elle when I came across a Dior ring from their Coffret de Victoire collection that I couldn't stop staring at. A giant turquoise skull with stunning multi-colored gems all over it. If anyone could make skulls artistic and just plain gorgeous, it's Dior.

I remember when I was in Vegas last summer, I walked into Dior and noticed the jewelry from the Incroyables & Merveilleuses collection and was just stunned by the level of detail and burst of colors. Sure they kinda seem gaudy and ridiculous at first. Like, who would actually wear them? But after a closer look, it's hard not to appreciate how insanely gorgeous they are. And, yeah, I would totally rock one of these monster rings.

Incroyables & Merveilleuses

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