Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ignore the Annoying Blonde

When I first saw Gucci's Fall 2009 RTW collection, I overlooked a leopard blazer that was recently brought back to my attention thanks to Glamour's Septemeber issue. Some blonde, who I will not refer to by name, is wearing the blazer on the cover and I think it's probably one of the most chic blazers I have ever seen. The sequins, the leapord print, the shortened sleeves; it's 80s rock and roll but with a modern, sophisticated cut. I absolutely love it and am thankful that Glamour decided to feature it on their September issue. I'm thinking the reason I didn't notice it the first time I saw it is that the lighting seems kind of off at the runway show. It looks much darker in the show than it does on the magazine. Either that or the blazer comes in more than one color. I'm not sure, either way, the runway show did not do it justice. I'm not a fan of the matching print suit and would never wear the pants with the jacket but the white tee and jeans combo complements it perfectly.

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