Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On the Hunt for a Fur Vest

I've been on the fence when it comes to wearing fur all my life. And my apprehension doesn't come from the animal rights issues (which I acknowledge are important to consider but that's not what my blog is about) but comes more from the fact that I've never really known how to wear fur. Living in Texas, the opportunity to wear it rarely arises and if I owned a fur coat, I'm fairly certain it would sit in my closet, sad and under-appreciated. I recently came to an epiphany, I could wear a fur vest in the fall/winter and not feel awkward about it! After seeing a beautiful Fendi silver fox fur vest in the November Vogue, I've been looking for the perfect fur vest. I see myself wearing the vest over a long, solid fitted tee and jeans or maybe over a dress with some knee high-boots. Topshop has some affordable faux fur vests that I'm considering to buy but let's go into my fantasy world of designer fashion and take a look at vests I can't afford.


French Connection

Phillip Lim

Haute Hippie


  1. in this case, please don't keep it real. go faux for the baby fox's sake.

  2. Looking very hot and sticky, good show thanks for sharing.