Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Couture Week: Chanel and Givenchy

Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld: If you've read my previous blogs, you would know that I'm not a huge fan of Chanel. Don't get me wrong, Lagerfeld is brilliant, but he continues to design the same boring "Chanel suit", collection after collection. I'm sick of looking at pastel Chanel suits. The only thing new this time around was that he decided to include hideous baggy shorts instead of pants or a skirt. I can't blame Karl. I understand that it's the brand's signature. So instead of trashing the old-lady suits, I'm just going to completely ignore them and talk about the rest of the collection.

There were over 60 looks so there was a lot of variation between suits, cocktail dresses and gowns. Overall, the collection was romantic, cohesive and the color palette was strictly pastels, beiges and silvers. My only problem with the dresses was the proportion. These models have BMIs smaller than their ages but yet they still looked huge due to the unflattering cuts. Amongst the 60 or so looks, there were 3 that I loved. Were they good enough to save the collection? Yes. Original, romantic, futuristic. The white gown with the long black tie was probably my favorite piece. The metalic and frilly dress coming to a close second. And the white sequin and lace dress was dreamy. I also looooved the styling. The adorned mouse-ear hair-do was adorable and chic!

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. Although there were only 20 or so pieces, there were several things that I liked. Nothing that blew me away, but definitely some great use of color and texture. My only complaint was the lack of connection between the pieces. The show was a random hodge-podge of pants, jackets, jumpsuits, dresses and gowns; all with different colors, textures and patterns.

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