Saturday, January 9, 2010

The It Bag

Let's talk bags. Throughout my many years of interest in fashion, I've witnessed the coming and going of many "It Bags". Ever season, there is a must-have bag that becomes idolized and made into a legend (i.e. the Hermes Birkin, Fendi Spybag, etc.). Most of the time they are limited, rare creatures that mere mortals usually cannot own, but only dream about. Well, no "It Bag" has left speechless the way the Louis Vuitton Headphone Doctor Bag has. Designed for the Fall 2006 Collection by Marc Jacobs, it is made from black vernis leather and alligator. The gold handle is made from gold lambskin and shaped to look like a DJ's headset and it retailed for $14,000. If you want it now, be prepared to pay double that. I found one on ebay for $20,000. It was a limited release (only 30 made) and I remember seeing Gwen Stefani carrying one, but other than that, it was a rare sighting to see a celeb photographed with one.

Anyways, I still get chills when I see photos of it. It's THE BAG that I would shell out thousands for and I'm determined to own one in the distant future.

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