Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spring 2010 Couture Week Kick-off

I have a midterm I should be studying for, but Haute Couture takes priority. I'm sorry, that's just the way it is. Spring 2010 Couture Fashion Week was kicked off yesterday in Paris and already I'm inspired, intrigued, in love. Here is the breakdown of what went down.

1. Christian Dior by John Galliano. All I can say is "wow". Galliano definitely didn't disappoint with his couture take on equestrian clothes. From the perfectly tailored jacket + skirt combos to the elegant and show-stopping gowns, his collection was the perfect start to Couture Fashion Week.

2. Thimister by Josephus Thimister. Thimister said he was influenced by the bloodshed and the Russian military for his collection. I am not a huge fan of drab military olive tones so I wasn't blown away by anything he sent down the runway. The only garments I loved were the several red sequined hooded dresses and gloves. Also, 2 of his designs seemed to be directly influenced by Lady Gaga. Not sure if it was a coincidence but I definitely saw the connection.

3. Anne Valerie Hash. Ms. Hash is apparently new to the fashion game and still has a lot to learn. Not sure she has her style figured out yet. I was unimpressed; bored. I was too bored to even copy the photos to show you. Trust me, you're not missing out.

4. Alexis Mabille. I'm a huge fan of color-blocking so I really enjoyed this collection. Any Batman fans? I loved the homage to the Two-Face suit. If Two-Face was a transvestite that appreciated couture clothing, this is what he would wear. Also, there was a very odd half-bride/half-nun dress that was the last piece from the show. Not sure if I love it or hate it. Definitely interesting.

5. Armani Prive by Giorgio Armani. Last but definitely not least, Mr. Armani's couture collection was inspired by the moon and it was a strict literal interpretation of all things lunar. Everything he sent down the runway was either gray/silver or black with moon stone looking motifs. Although the show started off with several blah grey and white suits and dresses, it ended on a high note with a couple of stunning gowns. All in all, a cohesive and lovely show.

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