Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lee Alexander McQueen

Friday morning, the world lost a visionary. The single biggest inspiration to my fashion-obsessed world took his own life. I didn't blog about it immediately because I didn't know what to say. I wanted to collect my thoughts. Two days have passed and I still have no idea what to say. A few weeks ago, a few of my friends got  together and Jackie asked us who our heroes were. My response was Alexander McQueen. When I tried to think of a reason why, I don't think I had a convincing answer. He was a genius, I can't really explain what specifically defined him as such. It's like he saw the future but made us believe it was very current. Two weekends ago, we went on a Houston adventure and spent the day looking at diamonds, fancy decorated eggs, and also did some vintage shopping. There was a small vintage store in the Montrose area that had a seemingly random collection of clothing. As I was mindlessly flipping through the racks, I saw a label that made me do a double-take. Did that really say "Alexander McQueen"?!? After re-reading the same label of the white denim pencil skirt several times, my brain and eyes finally came to a consensus, that yes, it said just that. I was ecstatic. I had been admiring his work from afar, blogging about his brilliance, and now I was actually touching it. Shortly after gushing to my friends on my find, we left the store and continued to wreak havoc in the Montrose area. 

As the buzz around Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Week started hitting the internet, I started to count down the days to the Paris shows, where McQueen would show his collection. I was following him on Twitter as he was finishing his collection, having model fittings and ranting about how insane his life currently was (his mother had recently passed). I awkwardly would tweet to him about how excited I was about his show. I am a totally obsessed fan. Remember when N'sync (or the Backstreet Boys for some of you) were the center of your universe and you would watch MTV (back when it was still "music television") 24/7 to get a glimpse of your idols? That's me with McQueen. Most people who read my blog or know me well, know my obsession and after his passing, I received several "i'm sorry for your loss" texts, calls, etc. People came up to me while I was at school and asked if I had heard the news. Yeah, I'd heard. No, I don't want to talk about it. It's such a bizarre feeling, to have such an emotional attachment to an artist; to someone you don't know personally. Last year when Michael Jackson and several other "idols" passed, I recognized that they were important figures that deserved to be recognized, remembered, etc., but I had no real connection to them. I was shocked they passed so young and suddenly, but I got over it. I don't think I'll be getting over this anytime soon. He wasn't just a fashion icon to me. He was the fashion icon. With every single collection he made, I felt like he was designing for my taste. Like he would consult me before designing a collection to ask, "Lucy, what would you like to wear? What do you want in your closet?". 

So, yeah, it definitely feels like a personal loss. New York Fashion Week is in full gear and I've looked at a few collections but I am still numbed from his passing and don't really feel like blogging about anything else at the moment. I will probably do a wrap-up when it's over, in between New York's and London's shows. 

Rest in peace, Lee. 

From his Fall 2006 RTW Collection. This is the first piece that I saw of his that had me convinced he was brilliant. I became a super-fan immediately after seeing this collection.

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