Sunday, February 21, 2010

NYFW: Top 10 Disappointments

My last post went into the good, so now let's get into the bad and the ugly.

1. Anna Sui. Unlike Proenza Shouler's designs, these mismatched patterns and prints were not pleasing to the eye. There is too much going on and although as separates, the pieces aren't terrible and I can see some of them being cute if matched with the proper solid-colored tees or pants, the completed looks are just dreadful.

2. Betsey Johnson. When I think Betsey Johnson, I think girly, flirty dresses. The perfect dress to wear to a cocktail party or a night out on the town. I think ribbons, bows, flowers and all things pretty and feminine. For this collection, what we got instead are ill-fitting jumpsuits, a terrible color palette and a horrendous yellow suit. There was a wild west theme and I get what she was trying to do but I couldn't get passed the combination of red and olive green. And on top of that, you had your girls walking on hay? Really, hay?!? I really can't imagine a less glamorous way to present clothing.

3. Cynthia Rowley. Awkwardly placed fringe, hideous blue and purple print and the ugliest coat I have ever seen in my life.

4. Isaac Mizrahi. None of the looks were flattering. The color scheme was lackluster. And that brown lace and toule gown was unsightly.

5. Jason Wu. I was really excited to see his collection. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jason Wu is one of my favorite new designers and I was loving his spring collection. The fall collection though, really disappointed me. The first several suits and dresses he sent down looked like they were attacked by paintballs and the gowns at the end of the show were very blah. I had high expectations and was definitely let down.

6. Lela Rose. Although not the worst collection that showed, it was definitely one of the most boring. There was nothing youthful or inspiring. And that champagne-colored shiny jumpsuit wouldn't look good on anybody, even a supermodel.

7. Marc Jacobs. Oh, Marc, you break my heart. Although, he's typically one of my absolute favorite designers, these clothes were just plain ugly. There were old-lady jacket and skirt combos, boring colors and that gown at the end was a big ugly mess. I'm just going to pretend like this collection never happened and am hoping what he created for Louis Vuitton will make up for this lackluster series of clothes.

8. Narcisco Rodriguez. Some of the most ill-fitting, atrocious clothes I've ever seen. Those hats or helmets or whatever they are, are unwearable and not even Lady Gaga could make it work. I also really hate ombre prints so the orange and black dresses make me somewhat nauseous.

9. Rodarte. Their spring collection was one of my favorites from that season so I was very disappointed to see these mismatched frilly messes. Again, there is too much going on, and it looks as though these girls went into their closet and just put on everything they owned, didn't bother to look in the mirror and went out.

10. Zac Posen. Another designer that is usually brilliant but must have had a lapse in judgment when he designed these clothes. First of all, what woman looks good in velvet pants? No one. That grey coat with the puffy fur arms is one of the least-flattering unattractive garments I've ever seen. And what is with that random patch of color on the blue long-sleeved romper?

Honorable Mention: Thakoon. I usually love his designs and although his fall collection wasn't terrible, it wasn't great. But there was one WTF dress that made me dislike the entire collection, as a whole. This dress.....sigh...this dress. I'll start by saying, I love the color and the texture. From the waste down, it's totally fab. But the unflattering puffy short sleeves and trashy yellow mesh in the center of the dress ruins it. Because every girl wants puffy shoulders and their nipples playing peek-a-boo, right? Wrong. Wrong on so many levels.

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