Sunday, March 7, 2010

Milove Milan: Review of Milan Fashion Week

Milan had some brilliant moments. There were only a handful of collections that I didn't care for but even the worse of Milan was better than most of what showed in London. My thoughts on the Milan collections in alphabetical order:

Alberta Ferretti - Simple, elegant dresses that are light, flowy and are tastefully adorned with crystals.

Blumarine - Animal print, fringe and more animal print. There were a few looks were the zebra stripes and leopard print was overkill (like the middle outfit) but for the most part, the outfits were very hip and I loved the mix-matched animal prints with other textures and colors (like look 4).

Bottega Veneta - Here is an example on why fit is so important. A leather suit is an edgy look not everyone cal pull off, but to make it a relaxed fit was just a terrible idea. Nobody would look good in that suit and it just looks like a giant trash bag that was cut into a man's suit and thrown on a model. The rest of the collection had more of ill-fitting dresses that were just terrible.

Dolce & Gabbana - Lace and lingerie are a prominent themes this fall and this collection did something different with it by adding perfectly tailored suit jackets with the negligee-inspired dresses. Do you recognize the black bodysuit with the long-sleeved lace overlay? Britney Spears wore it to the 2010 Grammy Awards and actually looked like a mess in it, but it sure does look lovely on the model. Ahh, to be a size 0 and look amazing in everything. What a life!

D&G - The power duo went with a cute ski-resort theme for their fall/winter looks. And honestly, I couldn't think of anything more "winter" than snowflake-print sweaters and furry boots. The idea to add sheer white blouses under the sweaters was brilliant. The juxtaposition of the feminine, flowy blouses with the thick, stiff sweaters is what made this collection stand out as being both creative and memorable.

Dsquared - This was easily my favorite collection that showed in Milan. I loved the color palette and the use of the different textures. Leather, feathers, fur,  you name it, they used it and it all worked together so well. I also wanted to highlight a particular look that caught my attention. The black dress with the sheer top had red and blue lines that ran down he arms and had a vein/artery like distribution. As a med student, I saw that and was like "Whoaaaaa!!!". As a whole, the collection was sexy, edgy and fun. I loved every piece. Such a drastic improvement from their spring collection that had the predictable and boring girl scout theme.

Emilio Pucci - Oh, you know, just a bunch of gorgeous, perfectly fitted dresses. That's all. No biggie.

Fendi - I have to say, year after year, Fendi comes out with my favorite fur coats from all the fall collections. Mr. Lagerfeld doesn't break any ground with his designs for Fendi but he always makes lovely coats. I am currently obsessed with the white spotted coat.

Giorgio Armani - Nobody looks good in velvet. Nobody! Please, designers, stop trying to make velvet happen. It's not going to happen!

Gucci - Pretty clothes but rather boring. Nothing inspiring.

Missoni - A giant hodgepodge of prints that look terrible together. This doesn't even qualify as a hot mess. It's just a mess.

Moschino  - Aside from the cowboy hats, I loved everything about this collection. From the button downs to the multi-tiered ruffled skirts, the clothes were fun.

Moschino Cheap & Chic - Adorable. Simply adorable. One of each, please.

Prada - How did the designers manage to make the supermodels look huge? Clearly the fit of the clothes was not taken into consideration.

Roberto Cavalli - This why Cavalli is a genius. Let's take a bunch of random animal prints, colors and textures (also seen in Blumarine) but somehow effortlessly combine them into outfits that are not overwhelming. I think the key was to make the prints light and to keep the material sheer. It almost seems like each separate piece is a continuation of another piece to the point where you can't even tell where one blouse ends and a scarf starts. My favorite collection after Dsquared.

Versace - Part futuristic. Part diva. Love it. Well done, Ms. Versace.

Versus - These dresses remind me of cupcakes. Delicious and adorable cupcakes. And the shoes are killer.

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