Thursday, April 29, 2010

Red Carpet Fabulous: Jennifer Lopez

There is no denying that Jennifer Lopez is a style icon. From the unforgettable plunging green Versace dress she wore to the 2000 Grammy's to the polished couture she typically dons these days, she definitely has come a long way from being "Jenny from the block". I don't know any one living on no "block" with that much style. That being said, she typically makes terrible movies I never see. The upside? When she makes one of her cookie-cutter rom-coms, she needs to promote it, so she is at talk shows, premieres and various A-list events every day. Which means countless opportunities to look fabulous, which she certainly always does. Here are some of my favorite looks from this week:

Georges Chakras Couture - I love the color and the glittery basket-weaving. Definitely has a girly but sexy vibe.

Gianfranco Ferre - Asymmetry, especially one shoulder dresses are hot this season and she looks stunning in this one.

Lanvin - I love that she can pull off such a wide variety of looks. Sophisticated, girly, edgy, whatever she puts on, she sells it. This was my favorite look of the week. At first glance you might think "trash bag", but in my opinion, she made the dress fabulous. There was a lot of volume but the belt was cinched at the perfect place so we could still see her curves. The styling was perfection. The bee-hive do was a risk but it worked with the whole volume theme. The statement necklace was loud but she made sure to downplay the shoes and go with simple black pumps. Love. Love. Love.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Milla Looks Killa on Harper's Bazaar

I have been super busy with school. I am taking the most important test of my career in a little over a month so my attention has been elsewhere but I have definitely missed blogging. That being said, I probably won't blog again in a while. My test is on June 8 and I hope to resume my regular posts after it's said and done. Wish me luck! Back to the fashion....

Milla Jovovich is easily one of my favorite models from the 90s/00s and the woman doesn't age since she looks exactly the same today as she did 10 years ago. Besides being a full-time supermodel she also keeps busy making action films and designing clothes for her line Jovovich-Hawk. I want her life. Anyways, Ms. Jovovich was featured in April's Harper's Bazaar for the magazine's Singapore issue, wearing pieces from Burberry's Prorsum Spring 2010 collection. The spread was a delightful juxtaposition of futuristic and retro and I especially loved the pink sequined leggings and metal shoulder pads. On a side note, I really hope people dress in ridiculous metallic and sequined clothing in the future. It'll give me something to look forward to.