Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pretty Boy: Andrej Prejic

If you only saw a head shot you'd think, "what a pretty girl". Indeed with those full lips, long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, the 19 year old Serbian Australian is quite the stunner. But this isn't your ordinary pretty face. This face belongs to a male model. Intrigued? Yeah, me too. Actually,  Andrej Prejic is my latest obsession. I find his androgyny both fascinating and beautiful and he also happens to be quite the gifted model. It appears the fashion industry agrees and many big names in the industry have utilized his unique look recently. He has walked in fashion shows for Jean Paul Gaultier and been in ad campaigns for Marc Jacobs. Can't wait to see more of him in future campaigns and on the cat walk!


  1. Well I can tell you now, this shocked the hell out of me haha he indeed IS beautiful though :)