Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Kevork Kiledjian

New York Fashion Week is coming to an end but I have to say, I have been very, very impressed with the Fall/Winter 2011 collections. All of the designers have stepped it up this year and I can't wait to see what the rest of the world has to offer. I was watching the shows at New York this week and was pleasantly surprised to see a new name to the game: Kevork Kiledjian. Kevork is a Paris-born designer who established the line Guilty Brotherhood before recetnly moving to New York and starting a new collection under his name. Why does the name make me smile? Because Kevork is also Armenian and seeing my fellow countrymen succeed in the fashion world makes me proud. 

Now let's talk about the clothes. Kiledjian's debut collection was all about the simple sexiness of the little black dress. The dresses were tight, short and left little to the imagination. The purple dress and fur shawl was a nice break from the mostly black collection but was a little out of place. The leather, fur, fringe and lace were all details that enhanced the sexiness of the LBDs. Although the garments fit the models exquisitely, the designs were classic and construction was well-done, he didn't bring anything earth-shattering to the runway. Nothing new. Nothing that took my breathe away. Pretty clothes and a solid first collection, but I'd like to see some imagination; something we can talk about. Actually, his Guilty Brotherhood designs are much edgier and creative so I'm not sure why he decided to tone things down for this show. Maybe he wanted to play things safe for a debut? I want to see Kevork go far, but he needs to establish a unique vision to do so. I hope his next collection showcases his brilliance because he certainly isn't just a common dress-maker.

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