Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Princess Bride in McQueen

The only thing anyone can talk about the past few days has been the Royal Wedding. And although the actual wedding itself wasn't at all interesting to me, I was intrigued by one thing and one thing only: the dress. When I heard that Sarah Burton was designing Kate's wedding dress, I wasn't sure what to expect. It's not like McQueen jives with Kate's personal style. She tends to dress quite modestly and that's certainly a word I'd never use to describe the McQueen aesthetic. When I finally saw the images online of "the dress", I was a bit confused. How is that McQueen? It was a simple and lovely dress and very appropriate for Kate but I feel like it was almost a waste to have McQueen's design team create such a classic and ordinary garment. It makes sense they went with a British designer, but why Sarah Burton? Why McQueen?

A few months ago at Paris Fashion Week, we saw Ms. Burton's Fall RTW collection which had several modern and extravagant white gowns. It's not that I actually expected Kate to walk down the aisle in one of these masterpieces but that would have impressed me immensely. And obviously one of the Princess's concerns is to impress a fashion blogger from Texas. 

One last point. Kate is supposed to represent a modern princess. A princess of the 21st century. Yet her gown is almost a replica of Grace Kelly's princess wedding dress from 1956. It just felt a little familiar. Again, Kate looked lovely, but her entire look was just so safe and, dare I say, boring. 

If I were to pick a dress from McQueen's previous collections to wear to my wedding, I'd probably go with this look from his Fall 2006 collection. Deer veil and all. Now, this is McQueen. 

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