Thursday, July 28, 2011

I See London, I See France...

One of this year's hottest trends is long, sheer dresses. Seen both in the spring and fall collections, this look is equal parts ethereal and sensual. There is an obvious provocative component due to the inevitable display of underpants, but there is also something quite chic about it, no? When I saw Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wear a sheer dress from Gucci's Fall 2011 collection, I was breathless. She looked absolutely stunning. But then again, girlfriend is a model. So the question remains, can regular people like you and I pull off such a daring look? I say hell yes! I noticed stores are now stocking up on long sheer skirts and dresses, many of them with built-in miniskirts or shorts under the daring garments. I think with the proper undergarments, this is a trendy look any girl can confidently rock.

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2011 

Christian Siriano Fall 2011 

Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2011 

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011 

Gucci Fall 2011 

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Couture Fashion Week Fall 2011

I'm going to be completely frank. If you read my blog, then you must know how much I worship John Galliano and his brilliant designing mind, especially during Couture Fashion Week. The Dior couture fashion shows have consistently been my favorite collections due to Galliano's ability to effortlessly epitomize the meaning of 'couture' in every single garment he makes. I wasn't expecting the same kind of magic this time around for Couture Fashion week sans Galliano and was correct to assume that I wouldn't be blown away with any other collection. That being said, there were some collections that surprised me and plenty of beautiful clothes to gush about.

Alexis Mabille - I absolutely fell in love with the showstopping Cruella deVil inspired dalmatian gown the moment it came down the runway. The feathers add a bit of edge to most of the gowns in this collection and nicely complement the overall theme of 'fierce femme fatales'.

Anne Valeria Hash - Although these garments were well made and I enjoyed the sexy yet sophisticated suits, I still don't feel like this brings the drama that comes with 'couture'.

Armani Prive - The previous Armani Prive collections have had a futuristic feel to them and while this one continues that theme, it does so subtly, and with a Japanese twist. With cherry blossom prints and origami-like folds, there is certainly a Japanese presence but overall this collection does nothing for me.

Bouchra Jarrar - I adore the color scheme and would wear every single one of these outfits to work but this definitely looks more like a ready to wear collection than a couture one.

Chanel - Karl loves to make collections where I love half of it and despise the other. I would like to draw your attention to the lovely black lace dress on the top row. The drama, the passion; this is what couture is. I also loved the long sleeved floor length blue and white gown next to it. I was feeling the entire collection until the latter half of the show when the garments on the bottom row came down the runway. The textures were offensively rough, the shapes were not flattering and the there was just an abundance of dark, heavy fabric that was unsightly.

Christian Dior - Sigh. Dior will never be the same without Galliano. Bill Gaytenn, a veteran member of the House of Dior, took the reigns as head honcho to design for this collection and dear God was it awful. To be fair, the first few looks he sent down the runway weren't terrible. There was a whimsical, youthful feel to the brightly colored, mismatched prints (top row). The giant blocks and balls in the models' hair was not very pleasing to the eye but I would overlook the hair don'ts if it weren't for the abysmal gowns that dominated the majority of the show (bottom row). Dear important fashion people, kindly please allow Galliano to return to the industry and create couture magic. Thanks, Lu.

Elie Saab - Oh, Elie. You continue to create the same predictable, gorgeous gowns in every single collection you do. I ain't mad, though. Keep doin yo thang.

Giambattista Valli - I loved every single piece in this collection from the more subdued black and white ensemble with the adorable black bow to the dramatic animal print dress with matching cape. I feel like people don't wear enough capes. I don't think I even own own. I should get on that.

Givenchy - Riccardo Tisci has one note when it comes to  his couture collections, and that note is FABULOUS. Yes, the collections look identical to each other from afar but take a closer look to the tremendous detail in each individual garment. So lovely.

John Paul Gaultier - My heart seriously skipped a beat when I saw the gorgeous Coco Rocha walk down the runway in that fabulous copper colored outfit with the feathered sleeves. Absolutely stunning collection.

Maxime Simoens - This shouldn't even be allowed to be called 'couture'. I am sufficiently bored. Next.

Valentino - I've been complaining about the two punks that took over Valentino for years now, because honestly, they haven't put out a decent cohesive collection since they started. But things are looking up for the designing duo (Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli). I really liked this collection! I especially adored the sheer garment with the floral detail. Simply stunning. And Gwenyth Paltrow will wear the long-sleeved beige gown at her next red carpet event. Guaranteed.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Other Kate's Wedding Dress

When a member of fashion royalty gets married, you know it's gonna be fabulous. Kate Moss married The Kills guitarist, Jamie Hince this weekend in Southrop, Gloucestershire. I was patiently waiting to see what Kate would wear down the aisle and was ecstatic when I learned that it was a John Galliano dress. The dress was lovely, not over the top or dramatic and very unmistakably Kate. Kate and John go way back and she had planned to wear one of his designs prior to his exile from the fashion world and I'm glad she stuck with him because honestly, this dress was perfect for her.

Apparently the gown was inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald, who also was the inspiration for Kate's vintage 1920s engagement ring. Although the dress does have a flapperesque appearance, it does not come off as too costumey. I made up two words in that last sentence, by the way, which is probably why I'll never win any awards for my blogging but I'm pretty ok with that. Back to the dress....I especially loved all the detailed sequined designs at the bottom of the gown. Oh and Kate's man looked pretty fly in his blue-gray Yves Saint Laurent suit