Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Other Kate's Wedding Dress

When a member of fashion royalty gets married, you know it's gonna be fabulous. Kate Moss married The Kills guitarist, Jamie Hince this weekend in Southrop, Gloucestershire. I was patiently waiting to see what Kate would wear down the aisle and was ecstatic when I learned that it was a John Galliano dress. The dress was lovely, not over the top or dramatic and very unmistakably Kate. Kate and John go way back and she had planned to wear one of his designs prior to his exile from the fashion world and I'm glad she stuck with him because honestly, this dress was perfect for her.

Apparently the gown was inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald, who also was the inspiration for Kate's vintage 1920s engagement ring. Although the dress does have a flapperesque appearance, it does not come off as too costumey. I made up two words in that last sentence, by the way, which is probably why I'll never win any awards for my blogging but I'm pretty ok with that. Back to the dress....I especially loved all the detailed sequined designs at the bottom of the gown. Oh and Kate's man looked pretty fly in his blue-gray Yves Saint Laurent suit

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